The Aviation Group

The Aviation Group provides highly specialized real estate expertise and counsel to the aviation industry, nationally and internationally. We offer special skills in developing innovative solutions to issues involving real estate located on or near major and minor hub facilities.

We have extensive experience in providing a ranges of services covering terminals, concourses, main base facilities, flight simulator facilities, fleet maintenance hangars, and other specialized aviation-related improvements to real property. Our skills have proven to be a valuable resource for public regulatory bodies as well as for firms requiring professional counsel on aviation-related real estate utilization, land use, and environmental, social and economic impact issues. We provide specialized expertise and services in:

  • Traditional valuation services
  • Major hub relocation services
  • Aviation land use consulting
  • Lease renewal consulting and negotiations
  • Value-related noise impact consulting services
  • Airport environmental valuation services
  • Airport terminal retail remerchandising, management and learning strategies
  • Airport expansion consulting
  • Land acquisition consulting
  • Peripheral development services
  • Facilities development consulting and construction management