The Residential Analytics Group

Property owners, developers, investors, lenders, designers and government officials often need market and financial feasibility analyses to make the best decisions regarding the market potential for their project. Our Residential Analytics Group will delve deep into your particular project to develop a keen understanding of the unique market potential and customize the analysis to get to the information – and answers – you need.  We provide these services nationwide.

You will work with some of the industry’s most respected advisors, who bring with them more than 20 years of experience on projects of all levels of complexity. We know that our analytics need to give you the clearest picture of your market and the efficacy of your investment available – and that is what we deliver, whether it’s a feasibility study, appraisal, economic impact analysis, community housing needs assessment or other analysis tailored to your needs.

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We also offer Development Consulting to assist with crafting business plans, development conceptualization, programming, planning and sale for those owners and investors who require professional assistance to enhance and maximize their residential property assets. 

The Residential Analytics Group provides advisory services in the following areas:

Multifamily (for-sale & rental)
Single-family and residential subdivision development
Senior housing
Residential components within mixed-use development
Community housing needs assessments
Affordable housing strategies for communities and regions
Our Feasibility Studies typically include:
Site analysis                                       
Definition of draw area and competitive market area
Demographic analysis     
Competitive market analysis
Buyer/renter profile analysis
Development recommendations (sizing, price/rents, amenities, design considerations)               
Demand analysis and absorption forecasting
Financial feasibility

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