The Hospitality Group

The Hospitality Group of Marquette Advisors specializes in hospitality and casino gaming consulting. We are recognized as the pre-eminent consultant in the casino gaming business in North America, providing financial and market feasibility analysis on the most sophisticated and complex casino gaming and resort projects.

We have completed hundreds of studies on a variety of projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda. Our ability to address issues related not only to hotels and casino gaming operations, but also a full array of supporting facilities and amenity components, is a primary reason we are the preferred advisors to the hospitality and casino gaming industries.  We have considerable experience in analyzing food & beverage concepts, convention centers, entertainment facilities, golf courses, RV parks, campgrounds, marinas, and other unique amenities.  We are able to evaluate such facilities as stand-alone profit centers.  Moreover, we are particularly adept at analyzing the impact of amenity components upon gaming and resort visitation and revenue performance.



All of our consultants have extensive experience in the hospitality and casino gaming industry, providing a seasoned perspective that is invaluable in providing relevant financial and market advisory services in today’s increasingly competitive and complex markets.

We have performed market studies for projects located throughout the United States and Canada, including Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Reno. We were pioneers in the development of Native American gaming and have completed studies for Tribes throughout all relevant jurisdictions. Our studies were instrumental in the Minnesota gaming industry development, and for several of the early casinos along the Gulf Coast, Tunica and in southern and northern California. Our business now extends and includes advisory services on the most complex commercial casino gaming environments including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other regions hosting commercial casino gaming operations.

We perform in-depth market and financial analysis and interpret the findings with a deep comprehension of both demand characteristics and likely competitive supply reactions. Such insight is essential to the accurate assessment of a particular project’s potential and in the identification of its appropriate size and amenities. Many of our casino assignments involve an expansion or the addition of amenities to a previous client, giving us the opportunity to revisit markets and study their evolution.

Sample Listing of Engagements



In order to deliver the most value to our clients, we engage in frequent communication with them during any assignment, as well as meet with all team members. This creates opportunities for all involved to accurately understand and interpret our findings, conclusions and recommendations.


Market Studies

Our market studies include an in-depth analysis of the business potential in a particular market, as well as a critical and honest evaluation of the competition. With respect to casino projects, we focus on likely market share and recommend facilities and amenities that will maximize this market share. Our quantitative analysis allows us to accurately assess the business impact that will result from alternative competitive development scenarios, helping our clients evaluate and manage business risk.


Financial Projections

Our financial projections are prepared from detailed financial models and are based on local market conditions. The results are then compared to the actual operating results of the many similar projects that we have performed and have access to. We can also assess the economic feasibility of a project by comparing its projected cash flow to its development cost and cost of capital.  We are experts in creating value through imaginative and original debt and equity structures.


Economic Impact Assessment

Our landmark studies of the economic benefits of casino gaming throughout the US have made us a leader in the analysis of the economic and social impact of casino gaming and other leisure industries and projects. Our studies demonstrate the economic impact on local and regional economies, including employment, earnings, purchases of goods and services, property and sales taxes and more, and can be used for public relations and lobbying purposes and to fulfill submission requirements to varied gaming jurisdictions and authorities.


Other Services

Our hospitality and gaming experience also enables us to provide a broader range of services to assist in other development opportunities, and include:

  • Business plans 
  • Development of gaming strategies
  • Market studies with comprehensive financial analyses
  • Valuation of going concerns and individual gaming assets and facilities
  • Analysis of all ancillary facilities including hotels, retail, entertainment venues, convention facilities, and restaurants