Corporate and Investment Group

Our Corporate and Investment group provides broad-based real estate counseling and advisory services to corporate, institutional, and private entities requiring solutions to complex real estate problems. We bring extensive backgrounds in real estate, site selection, construction finance, and accounting to address all of your real estate challenges. We offer expert advisory services in the following areas: 

Real Estate Development Management

We provide overall real estate development management services for companies, institutions, and individuals and have successfully completed the development of retail, industrial, office and residential properties, as well as land development projects of all sizes, and the redevelopment and renovation of historic structures.

Site Selection and Project Management

We deliver strategic site selection services to owners and managers of commercial, industrial, and multi-family housing properties, identifying and evaluating potential sites, examining community assets, and securing the necessary government permits. We can act as your “Owner/Company Representatives” in the planning, design and development, helping to retain architects, engineers and contractors, scrutinize proposed expenditures, and guide you to maximize your assets and enhance space utilization.

Financial Incentive Negotiation and Evaluation

Working cooperatively with state and local officials, we can help you identify, negotiate and successfully obtain creative development incentives packages, creating win-win solutions for you and the community. We also evaluate competing proposals to determine which ones are in our clients’ long-term strategic and financial interests.

Lease Negotiation

Not only can we locate and evaluate acceptable properties, but we also prepare leases at the most advantageous terms and conditions guaranteeing occupancy of either existing or new construction alternatives.

Construction Administration and Management

Our Corporate and Investment Group is made up of experts skilled in negotiating, overseeing and administering construction projects of any size. We have successfully managed over $500 million in new construction for industrial, office, retail and other property types nationwide, making sure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Debt and Equity Financing

With our extensive contact base of both equity and debt providers, and a firm grasp on value and the implications of underwriting, we can help you find the best provider and terms you need. We can help you not only arrive at value, but evaluate collateral for loan purposes, as well.

Corporate Real Estate and Department Outsourcing

Our Corporate and Investment Group has acted as the real estate department for major corporations wishing to outsource that capability.  We have executed site searches and multi-unit rollouts, corporate relocations, administered and overseen construction additions, bought and sold land, managed real estate taxes company-wide, and leased excess space on behalf of our clients.

Property Acquisition and Disposition

We will identify, negotiate, and buy or sell complex real estate property on a specified, non-contingent basis on your behalf. We can assist you in evaluating real estate assets garnered as a result of corporate mergers and acquisitions, and are experienced in devising and implementing strategies for disposing of excess properties.

Property Management

We have managed and asset managed the full spectrum of real estate properties from retail, office, and industrial to multi-family housing for corporate and institutional owners as well as investment groups.

Corporate Investment and Portfolio Strategies

We are experts at identifying our clients’ real estate goals and matching those goals to a profit strategy by actively implementing complex property strategies including all facets of the real estate process – remodeling, renovating, remerchandising, land development, land sales and refinancing. We are also routinely engaged in securitizing portfolios and transactional activities, and completing tax-free exchanges.